On The Horizon

by Jethro Easyfields

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Aha - the rock and roll country blues still lives! Ha! Everything gets off to a good start with the funky "Honey Bee" and "Easy Again", where a sharp acoustic and a warbling organ (Joe Krown) float beneath Jethro's vocals like a song floating from the doors of a New Orleans barrelhouse joint. On this and other songs like "Blazin' Sun Blues", Jethro comes across sort of like early Dylan minus the cryptic, apocalyptic rider-of-doom mumbo-jumbo...with a bit o' Robert Johnson thrown in for good measure, maybe. Unlike thoses two gloomy guys, though, Jerthro's pretty upbeat and his band is certainly energetic enough to keep things jumping. "Blessing in Disguise" even has a juke-joint jumpiness to it (and there's that warbling organ again -- suave.)
It all drops down into a slower groove on the moody, soulful "Down in New Orleans," a groove that is matched a bit later o "Responsibility," where an understated beat (Willie Panker) and a rumbling bass (Tim Paco) provide the perfect backdrop for searching vocals and lonesome slide guitar. The rock and roll returns with the "The Living Ways," but it's the stoned soul sixites groove of "Reflection of Ambition," that really forms the core of the album. The whole album has a loose, off-the -cuff live feel without falling into sloppiness; it's the working man's document of what is probably a tremendous live act. Very sharp, very personable, very real. A vocie to listen for when the sun goes down and the barroom doors begin to open... (Dead Angel Magazine 1996)


released August 7, 1995

The Blue Riders

Jethro Easyfields - vocals, slide and acoustic guitar
Joe Krown - piano and Hammond B3
Tim Paco - upright and electric bass
Willie Panker - drums
Jeff Schmekpeper -acoustic, slide & electric guitar
Jane Harvey - backing vocals on "Easy Again"

Produced by John Wayne Pastor and Jethro Easyfields
Engineered and Mixed by Tony Daigle
Recorded at Dockside Studios - Maurice, Louisiana 1994/1995

Remastered by Scott Kern 2011
All songs written by Jethro Easyfields
Through the Rough Songs Copyright 1993

Acoustic Savior Limited



all rights reserved


Jethro Easyfields Indianapolis, Indiana

Easyfields style blends a variety of genres, many of them collectively forming what has become known as American Roots music, that is, distinctly American musical genres like country, bluegrass, and blues. Whether performing solo or with a band, Easyfields culls his sound from all of the above, at times throwing in some rock and even punk leanings to keep the brew interesting. ... more

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